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  • Who is Wegraphy? Where are you based from?
    We are a passionate crew involved in wedding photography and cinematography to connect and present some of the most special stories from around the world. We are based at Vadodara, in Gujarat, a city that celebrates love & life.nd edit me. It's easy.
  • Why choose Wegraphy?
    Well, we are a bunch of individuals, working collectively towards one vision – converting moments to everlasting memories . We are a committed crew, who believe in the ‘work hard play hard’ philosophy. So, if you’re looking for someone who’d not just abruptly swoop in, not interrupt the pundit while capturing ‘the Phera moment’, getting those unsaid emotions out in pictures & motion, and basically capture everything naturally as it goes, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Do you travel?
    Absolutely. We travel all across the world.
  • Do you work for both sides?
    Yes. We work for both sides, and we insist on doing so as both the couple and their families are involved in making this big day come together, so having a dedicated team works perfectly in making the results balanced.
  • What is the strength of the team that will travel to cover my wedding?
    While discussing with you about your function details, we shall also go into the nitty gritty’s of the crowd, your requirements in terms of the deliverables. For intimate weddings, we limit the size of the team, so that each crew member gets proper control over filming without any obstructions. However, for a large scale wedding, we don’t recommend limiting the size of the crew as it limits us to capture & balance the little details and the grandeur. A crew for large scale weddings is dedicated strategically to capture all ceremonies naturally without a hindrance.
  • Can we have an additional team of photography/cinematography along?
    We don’t recommend this, as apart from being uneconomical it may create a hindrance with our work. The importance of having a single team allows a smooth flow of work, allowing individual control of the frame and not paying heed to another photography team coming in the frame that we shoot.
  • What is your payment process?
    We take 30% of the total amount at the time of the booking, 60% of the total amount a week prior to the wedding day, the pending 10% at the time of the deliverables.
  • Why do you take 90% of the amount prior to the event?
    So we’re asked this very often, and we absolutely consider the client’s concern regarding this. However, right from the process of documentation, to making up the team for the wedding, deciding on the equipments to the process of the deliverables, everything comes with a cost. We’d love to treat every story, whether is a lavish destination wedding or an intimate wedding at home, with the grandeur & importance it deserves. Moreover, every aspect, some of which mentioned above, is based on the trust we place on each other.
  • What is the duration of the wedding teaser and film?
    So, 1. The wedding teaser is a complication of the highlight moments from your wedding making it to 5-6 minutes. The duration can increase based on interview bytes, or the song choice. 2. The wedding film we provide is up-to a duration of 30 minutes. The times of the 5-6 hours long edits have long gone & in this fast paced world, these 30 minute films make the best moments come alive.
  • Do you make same day edits?
    Yes, we do. We put the best editors from our crew who muster all their creative instincts to put together your story in a days time, on the field. You can have a look on our past work.
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