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we are wegraphy

Capturing Love, Framing Forever: Your Perfect Wedding is  our heartfelt passion and cherished privilege.

- Vatsal Bhatt

Wedding is bundel of feelings, love and ceremonies. Find Joy into My clients happiness. 
And capture them in between wedding moments, some time I find happy faces, some time crying, so feelings and tears are part of wedding.

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Who We are 

May We congratulate you on your wedding plans? Hopefully, you are enthusiastic about the photos on the site and you can already see yourself! Of course, you would also like to know more about who takes all those images - after all, on your best day we are around all the time to capture everything. Then we have to match! But to be honest, we prefer to tell a story in pictures than in words


What we Belive

We Believe In The Power Of Frozen Instants And The Unseen Narratives In Every Frame. Photography Is Our Language, A Bridge Between Reality And Reverie.

Each Snap Is A Journey, An Imprint Of Emotion. With Each Click, We Celebrate Authenticity, Embrace Imperfections, And Turn Fleeting Seconds Into Eternal Stories.

Our Belief Fuels Our Artistry, Capturing Life's Essence In Every Memory Pixel.

what we do

What we Do

We Capture Dreams Into Pixels, Capturing Whispers Of Laughter And Stories From Your Heart. Our Lens Dances With Light, Painting Time Onto A Canvas Of Emotions.

Every Shot Holds A Universe A Chapter Frozen For Eternity In Your Life. From Candid Glances To Vibrant Celebrations, We Crystallize Life's Poetry.

Let's Immortalize Your Tale In A Symphony Of Moments And Memories.



Hiral & Vijay

I think Wegraphy isn't Name it's a Brand.
We have no word for Wegraphy's team and his work ! But, we'll say little think. Very genuine nature of all Wegraphy's team members and spacially Vatsal Bhai's nature is too good and friendly, Wegraphy's all type of work is Amazing and speechless.we like one thing very hardly of Vatsal bhai, Vatsal Bhai took great care of small matters
He can take such a nice photo even in a location that makes us feel bad. Wegraphy's  photo Angle, type of saying poses, idea for use all things for photoshoot, photo Quality, Albums Quality all like fully "PAISA VASUL" 
There is so little to say for his team.

We are very very thankful of Wegraphy's team

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